Question: What Is A2 Medical Standard?


Is spectacles allowed in railway?

Spectacles: No glasses are to be permitted for categories A-1 and A-2 and for Railway Protection Force staff where their medical category is B-1.

What is the medical examination of RRB NTPC?

The RRB NTPC medical test will be conducted for every candidate after the document verification. This has been mentioned in the RRB NTPC 2019 Notification. The RRB NTPC medical test is to check whether the candidate meets the medical standards for the post he/she has applied.

Is Lasik allowed in railway?

As per the Railway Health Board’s new policy, All new recruits as well as existing employees who had Lasik Laser eye surgery for correcting refractive error are unfit and disqualified in A and B categories.

Which division of Indian Railways looks after transplantation and commercial aspects?

IRTS in its present form was reconstituted in 1967. The IRTS Cadre functions under the Administrative Control of the Ministry of Railways, Government of India. The civil servants under this service are responsible for Operation and Business Development of Indian Railways in the country.

What is a2 medical test?

2 A-2 Physically fit in all respects. Visual Standards—Distance vision: 6/9, 6/9 without glasses. Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 without glasses and must pass test for Colour Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision. 3 A-3 Physically fit in all respects.

What is the meaning of eye Power 6 6?

Many people refer to ‘perfect’ vision as ‘6/6′ or ’20/20’ (US notation measured in feet), but this is not strictly true – these terms refer to ‘average’ vision. If you achieve a vision measurement of 6/6, this means that you can see at a distance of 6m what an average person also sees at the same distance.

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What is b1 medical category?

B-1 Physically fit in all respects. Visual Standards — Distance Vision: 6/9,6/12 with or without glasses (power of lenses not to exceed 4D). Near Vision: Sn: 0.6, 0.6 with or without glasses when reading or close work is required and must pass test for Colour Vision, Binocular Vision, Field of Vision & Night Vision.

Is physical test required for RRB NTPC?

The candidate must be Physically fit in all respects. Near Vision:Sn 0.6, 0.6 without or with glasses and must pass tests for colour vision, Myopic vision, Night Vision, and Binocular Vision.

What is the salary of station master in railway?

The typical Indian Railways Station Master salary is ₹5,60,404 per year. Station Master salaries at Indian Railways can range from ₹4,59,622 – ₹9,17,373 per year.

Is Lasik allowed in loco pilot?

According to the applicant, modern procedures like lasik surgery involving laser treatment for correcting visual defects is well accepted throughout world even for the post of Pilots in the Indian Air Force, provided the corrective treatment was undertaken after 20 years of age.

Can I join Army after Lasik?

Candidates with LASIK / PRK at entry level are not permitted in National Defence Academy (NDA), Navy and Air Force as well as at entry level of Other Rank (OR) and Junior Commissioned Officers (JCOs). In Army, the candidates who have undergone LASIK / PRK will not be considered for aircrew duties.

Is Lasik allowed in police?

There is no rule prescribing that a person who has undergone LASIK surgery would be disqualified or declared unfit.

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What is the salary of DRM in railway?

DRM salary in Indian Railways ranges between ₹ 7.2 Lakhs to ₹ 9.2 Lakhs. This is an estimate based on salaries received from employees of Indian Railways.

What is the highest post in railway?

At the apex level of the Ministry of Railways, Member Staff is the highest level post, who is ex-officio Secretary to Government of India.

Is Irts better than IAS?

The IAS provides faster promotions compared to the IRS. For instance, an IAS officer can become a Commissioner in about 16 years whereas an IRS officer can take about 20-22 years. IAS officers have more role in policy formations at both the Central and State levels.

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