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Size:Small 17363Pigeon Baby Napy (Diaper Conv 32Pcs/pack)



Size:Small 17363Pigeon Baby Napy (Diaper Conv 16 Pcs/pack)



Size:Large 17365 Pigeon Baby NapPigeon Baby Napy (Diaper Conv 24 Pcs/pack)



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Size: X-Large 17365Pigeon Baby Napy (Diaper Conv 10 Pcs/pack)



Size:Medium 17364Pigeon Baby Napy (Diaper Conv 28 Pcs/pack)



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Description (Pigeon Baby Napy)

Pigeon - Baby Nappy

  • Made of super soft material
  • Moist distribution retention layer is incorporated to draw fluids away from baby’s skin
  • Side leak guards provide effective leak control
  • Wonder fit waist band designed to fit perfectly around the baby’s waist to prevent leakage and comfort
  • Unique cool care system allows better fresh air circulation