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Size: Small Pregnancy Back Support



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Description (Pregnancy Back Support)

Pregnancy Back Support offers the advantage of advanced designing and technically correct materials to provide the pregnant mother, effective support and immobilization on one hand and excellent aesthetics and comfort on the other. Pregnancy back support maintains the lumbo sacral region in the neutral position to allay “Pregnancy low back pain syndrome”.

  • Extra porous.
  • Aesthetically pleasing.
  • Effective back support.
  • Double pull mechanism.
  • No pressure to the foetus


  • Split Elastic Panel: Gives good grip to the back splint panel, ensures no harsh pressures to the baby, lifts the baby, relieves load, to the mother.
  • Anatomical Pre Shaped Splints: Relieves back ache associated with last trimester of pregnancy, provides effective immobilization of the back, comfortable support to the spine, relieves muscular stress due to wrong posture.
  • Monofilament Stripped Elastic: Light in weight, highly porous, more ventilation , improves patient comfort, long life, better compression.
  • Double Pull Elastic Mechanism: Extra compression, effective splinting action.
  • Dermophilic and Beige Materials: No rash no allergy, very comfortable, improves compliance. Aesthetically pleasing and can be worn inconspicuously under clothing.

Size Chart

SizeIn InchesCM
Small 34-38 86-97
Medium 38-42 97-107
Large 42-46 107-117
XL 46-50 117-127
XXL 50-54 127-137