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60 Capsule PackJolly Fat Go-DS Slimming Capsules


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Description (Jolly Fat Go-DS Slimming Capsules)

Introduction :

Obesity is a curse to mankind unfortunately every third person around us is suffering from obesity. Obesity is a state in which extra fat (layer by layer) gets deposited in the body making the individual prone to many disease, when neglected obesity give rise to multiple health problem like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, joints pain, brain strokes, paralysis, sexual problem and impotency in male, mensural irregularities and infertility in females. This fatty deposition predisposes and individual to develop negative attitude towards life, such people don't enjoy quality of life, have lack of confidence and due to this their performance in social, personal and professional life drops.

In order get rid off this fatty deposits, Many people try one thing or another at their own levels as in trying to suppress their appetite by avoiding food or by taking some medicine, over exercise etc. but these things little benefits in fact it can lead to Malnutrition or can invited some other health problems. . Now to get rid of this fatty deposits is no more a big deal moreover the complication that arise out of it can easily be waved off. If this solution is found out of our ancient system of medicine that is without side effect, it is the perfect combination keeping all these facts in consideration world renowned company JOLLY HEALTH CARE has come with a such a spectacular products which is combination of ancient and modern medical science, this product is a conjugation of all the researches that have been conducted till now in this stream. The name of the product is JOLLY FAT GO-DS CAPSULE & OIL. These products has been launched after years of extensive research by a team of qualified and excellent doctors and it contains rare, vital and precious herbal extract and churan in such a proportion that is safe for use by the people of all ages and sexes (above 12 years). The herbs used in formulating these products are authentic and research oriented as described in our ancient Veda, Granth & text books of Ayurveda. Even modern research fever these herbs.




  • It is a very precious herb because it contain natural alkaloid HCA which is the main constituent of this herb. It helps in reducing fatty deposits in the adipose tissue under the skin & cholesterol fro the blood. It also improves the digestive system. This is the miracle herb reducing fat from the body.


  • It is a natural antioxidant the benefits of the herb can't be expressed in words. It has anti aging effects & also reduce wrinkles. This herb is the biggest enemy of excessive fat. It boost the immune system, improves digestion and helps in fighting the complication arising out of obesity.


  • Is has great anti obesity properties, contain natural alkaloid named Bromelain that helps the body to get rid of extra fats and fatty deposits, reduces fluid retention and there by increasing BMR (Metabolism) and simultaneously increasing working capacity and energy levels of and individual.


  • Dalchini, Tulsi, Guggal, Methi, Gul Banafsa , Kokum All these medicinal herbs play a vital role in improving digestive system of the body. They also rectify constipation, abdominal gases, and detoxify the body by cleansing the entire gastro intestinal system. Combination of there herbs increase BMR (Metabolism) of the body, does not let the fat to deposit in the body. Person feels health and energetic.These herbs also helps in diabetes, joint pains, heart problems, gastric problems etc


  • Nagarmotha, Triphla, Kulethi, . Gurmar, Sonth, Chitrak. . This herbal mixture provide energy to all the vital organs of the body and also improves the digestive system. These herbs helps in getting rid of fluid retention. Hence quickly act on excessive fatty deposits & reducing them. These herbs are gastric and Intestinal tonic which keep the weight in check. It also moniters the sugar levels of the body and don't let the extra sugars to convert into fat and deposits in the adipose tissue. This combination accelerates and enhance the affect of this medicine in reducing obesity.